Cabra Dominican College

The integration of Christian values and the search for truth, in an atmosphere of cooperative involvement, are basic qualities of an education at Cabra.

The Cabra Christian Community

There is a real sense of support and encouragement for the process of personal growth at Cabra Dominican College.  Reflection days, retreats and regular liturgies complement the formal Religious Education program, which offers a developmental study of our Catholic heritage and the opportunity for open discussion of faith issues.

In addition, the religious life of the school is expressed through class prayer, works of charity, voluntary social action student groups and the availability of various spaces for contemplation and prayer, such as the College Chapel, the Dominican Peace Garden and a dedicated Religious Education Centre and Meditation Room.

The Religious Education faculty places a strong emphasis on its teachers having ongoing professional development and qualifications in Religious Education, and this together with the commitment that teachers bring to their vocation, ensures the continuation of the tradition of excellent religious education provided by the Dominican Sisters in the past.


It is our belief and experience that boys and girls are best educated together.  In a society that no longer accepts gender inequity, it is vital that boys and girls learn to respect each other at each stage of their development.  A balance between creativity, skill development, reflection and action is the philosophy on which we have based our courses.

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