St Raphael's School

Sunday 20th January 1889, Bishop Reynolds, Head of Catholic Diocese of Adelaide, blessed and opened a Mission School in Young Street Parkside for 130 children. The Sisters who taught at the school travelled daily by horse-drawn vehicle from their convent in Angas Street.

December 1896 – the Sisters who were teaching at the school moved into a rented house at Parkside.

In September 1922 the Sisters moved into the Convent, which at the time, was located on the school site.

In 1961 the Rev. J.W. Gleeson blessed the foundation stone of the new building.

The Sisters continued to head the school until 1985 when the first lay Principal was appointed.

In 1986 Sister Kathryn Travers, the last teaching Sister of Mercy, left the school.

In 1999 the school underwent a major redevelopment. The purchase of additional land, together with major building and grounds development, saw a marked improvement in facilities. The new facilities were blessed by the Rev. Leonard Faulkner on October 31st, 1999.

Today, St. Raphael's School stands proudly on the strong foundation of strength and foresight established over a century ago by the caring Sisters of Mercy.

St Raphael's Fundraising for Catholic Charities:

Recently St Raphael students ran a Mercy Day to support Catholic Charities. The Year 6 and 7 classes came up with activities that related to some of the agencies that are funded by Catholic Charities. The students came up with some fantastic ideas i.e. a bowling game to Knock Out Homelessness (Hutt St & Catherine House). Sensory activities to support learning in our special schools (St Patrick's and Our Lady of La Vang).  See photos below!

(The donations amount includes money raised in 2017).

Our School's Fundraising:

Donations $807