Be part of me4u!

There are lots of different kinds of fundraising events happening in schools for Catholic Charities - these resources show you how to get involved!

Run an Event

The type of fundraising happening in schools for Catholic Charities is limitless!

The students and teachers devise what they would like to do and set it up and run it themselves.

Ideas for fundraising

What can you do to make a difference in your community?

There are hundreds of things you can do to raise awareness and make a difference by supporting Catholic Charities and its agencies by using the me4u website.

Some fundraising ideas have been:

  • Easter egg drives
  • Collecting tinned goods
  • Stalls selling goods
  • Dress-ups or pyjama days
  • Sponsored disco dancing
  • Sponsored 'Skip for Justice'
  • Annual ‘Walk for Water’ fundraiser

There are lots of events you can set up – talk to your teachers to get some more ideas, check out our Facebook page or contact us.

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What you need to run an event

Get together with your class and teacher and see what ideas you can come up with!

Download the information on the resources page to find out more about our nine agencies and their work.

Have a look at the Catholic Charities video.

Make sure you order your badges and stickers in plenty of time.


Visit our gallery page to have a look at the type of events other schools are running. Make sure you get your pictures to us so that we can upload them and show off your fundraising!