Antonio Catholic School

Our story

Antonio Catholic School (then known as simply Antonio School) was established in Morphett Vale in 1975 with the support of Federal Government funding and through the generosity of the Antonio family, after whom the school was named. 

The parish, led by Fr Rob Egar, worked tirelessly to establish a quality school for children from Morphett Vale and the surrounding areas..

Since its inception with ‘open plan’ classrooms, we have had a reputation for innovation and we regularly welcome visitors to view best contemporary practice (as happens now with the implementation of the Walker Learning Approach).

A complete refurbishment of the two main buildings took place in 2000 and early in 2010, Antonio was the first Catholic school in SA to open its ‘Building the Education Revolution’ project, a multi-purpose hall and gymnasium.

The school has recently successfully applied for a federal Grant to upgrade existing Junior Primary classrooms which was completed during 2015.

Fundraising for Catholic Charities

2021 - Cathlympics a winner at Antonio Catholic School
Students from Antonio Catholic School took part in a range of activities to support Catholic Charities on a beautiful spring day in September. The whole-of-school ‘Cathlympics’ event was organised by Lillian Van Brussel, assistant principal: Religious Identity and Mission.

Annie O’Neill and Jane Juniper, representing Catholic Charities, attended the day’s events which started with assembly and a liturgy dedicated to Catholic Charities.

Year 5/6 students prepared a reading and reflection of the Parable of the Sower and prayers of the faithful by Year 1/2 students gave everyone the opportunity to pray together for their mission to make a difference. The closing song, Choices, reflected the support of the Years 3/4 for the SA Deaf Community as they signed the chorus.

Antonio’s dedicated and creative Mini Vinnies social justice team gave their time, ideas, energy and enthusiasm to organise the fundraising activities. They included guessing how many jellybeans in a jar; nearest coin toss to the jar; estimating the length of a piece of string; raffles; sales of squishy balls made by student Catherine Dao in her own time. The day ended with a staff versus student netball game in the gym.

“Our Cathlympics day was a huge success, raising over $800,” Ms van Brussel said.

“The money was fabulous but more importantly the engagement, understanding, fun and community were the true measure of success.

“So many winners from a day that truly needed a great team from all aspects to come together.  God’s presence was tangible as we worked together as thriving people, capable learners and leaders for the world God desires. All in all a fabulous day.”

Ms O’Neill thanked Antonio students and staff for their hard work and dedication in making the day a success.


The Morphett Vale Antonio Catholic School Mini Vinnie's Team along with Lillian Van Brussel, APRIM, engaged the whole school in a project to support Catholic Charities month.  Each class was invited to represent one of the agencies for which Catholic Charities raises money. Their challenge was to present at a whole school assembly and talk about their chosen charity. They did this at their assembly and showed everyone how much they had learned so far and how they would support their Charity.  Well done all! See photos below.

(The donations amount includes money raised since 2015).

Our School's Fundraising:

Donations $8,326