Welcome to Emmaus Catholic School

Firstly, I would like to say how privileged I feel to be a leader in such a welcoming and thriving community.  Whether you are already a member of our school community or a family wishing to enrol at Emmaus, I hope the information offered assists you to learn more about our wonderful school and what we have to offer.

At Emmaus we are about making a real difference to the young people in our care, whether it be through our Playgroup, our Little Learners program or our School. We strive to nurture and celebrate each student’s uniqueness, to develop their academic skills, their ability to manage themselves and their relationships, and to value and contribute to others both within and beyond the school community.

We aim for each child to value tolerance, respect, integrity and social awareness.

Offering an outstanding Playgroup and Little Learners program within our school grounds allows for a smooth transition into formal learning for our students and helps families to feel connected with each other through the transitional journey. When children are familiar with the Emmaus way, when they build strong relationships with our educators, and when they feel a sense of belonging, they begin to thrive. Early childhood is a time where children learn foundational lifelong skills through play and exploration; as educators we understand that this is a precious time in a child’s life, and we know that a smooth transition into school is more likely when we work and plan this transition collaboratively.

Being a sustainability focussed school, our eco-warriors work collaboratively to care for our earth. We value care, environmental awareness, social justice, compassion, love and the dignity of each individual within our school community.

Emmaus Catholic School offers an extensive music curriculum and instrumental program where students can access individual and group experiences through a range of ensembles, bands and instrumental tuition. We also offer music scholarships each year in wind instruments and are recognised as the school of choice for music in the southern region.

As a school community we welcome parents to be active partners in their child’s education and we provide opportunities for our families to participate in a range of ways, such as in class support, attending excursions, gardening groups, sporting events, being a part of the School Board or our friendly Parent and Friends committee.

Emmaus is an inclusive and welcoming school seeking to ensure every person feels a sense of connection and belonging. Families of other faith traditions and families who share our values as expressed in our Mission and Vision are most welcome to apply for enrolment.

We are proud of our school, our students, and our culture of collaboration and cooperation. I warmly invite you to visit Emmaus Catholic School and experience this wonderful community, a community I feel blessed and humbled to be a part of.

I am excited about what our learning environment has to offer your family and I look forward to meeting you to share in conversation about your child.

Suzanne Budd

Fundraising for Catholic Charities:

September 2022 - Carnival Day!

On September 27, 2022 Emmaus held their exciting "Emmaus Carnival Day" - fundraiser for the Catholic Charities appeal. The focus was on kids making a difference! Inspired by the 2022 Catholic Charities Appeal poster, the Emmaus Mini Vinnies developed the theme of a ‘rainbow of giving’. Each year level was asked to add a touch of colour to their uniform which helped them create a rainbow at the beginning of their Carnival Day.   

As part of their learning in economics, their Middle School students developed small businesses, developed business names and logos, collected shares and designed and manufactured products to sell to the students and families of Emmaus!  They managed to raise a fantastic $876.50!   Well done everyone! 

WE RAISED $876.75 

"This term the Emmaus Middle School worked together to create a small business. There were seventeen business groups altogether with four students in each. It was really fun getting to know different people in Middle School and it was a good chance to practise for the future. We learnt lots of things about financing, selling shares and marketing our business. It was hard for some groups to come up with ideas and handmake their products but we all got through it. Each product was sold for one dollar at Catholic Charities Carnival Day on Friday 23rd September. We raised a huge $876.75! There was lots of work involved to calculate our profit because we had to pay back the shareholders and float. Thank you to all our families and community for supporting our Carnival Day. Our main goal this term was to raise money for Catholic Charities, every bit of money we made went to people in need. We are glad we reached our goal this term, 2023 Carnival Day at Emmaus Catholic School was a great success!"

By Olivia Ferguson and Elora Brice

See their fantastic fun photos below!

September 2017 - at the end of last term Emmaus held their annual Catholic Charities Carnival Day and raised a grand total of $1,119.10! Fantastic work - see photos below!

(The donations amount includes money raised since 2015).

Our School's Fundraising:

Donations $6,715