A Challenging and Supportive Catholic Community


Kildare College

Kildare College offers an education for girls from Years 8 to 12. Girls are encouraged to take responsibility for their academic, moral and spiritual development through a range of thought provoking and challenging activities.

The school nurtures a love of learning and fosters a desire for excellence in a supportive environment.

Kildare is a community of learning, where staff and families work in partnership to provide our young women with a well-balanced secondary education..


We nurture and educate the hearts and minds through the development of:

     • Success
     • Compassion
     • Achievement
     • Respect

We hope that you enjoy reading about the principles and values which describe our school – Faith, caring and learning are the pillars upon which our work stands.

Our tradition and values will guide and support your daughter to develop “strength and gentleness” of character. By assisting our students to develop positive attitudes to life and learning, we believe that we can help them to discover inner strength, confidence and self-knowledge that will sustain them throughout their lives.




Our School's Fundraising:

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