Our Lady of Grace School

Our Lady of Grace School is a faith filled community with Jesus as its centre. It builds on the Dominican Ethos – Veritas (Truth). It is focused on developing a welcoming, supportive community, which actively nurtures the relationships between students, families, staff, parish and the wider community.

Our Lady of Grace works with other schools in the South West Region of Adelaide to provide a comprehensive and contemporary learning program to boys and girls from Reception to Year 5. Most of our students continue on to either Cabra Dominican College (co-educational from Year 6) or Marymount College (girls Year 6 to 9) or Sacred Heart Middle School (boys Year 6 to 9).

As a Catholic school we welcome and value all families and recognise that a number of families are non-practising Catholics and that some children may come to school without an experience of church.  We follow the SACCS policy: “It is our aim to support families in faith education and to nurture the development of children to their full potential in an atmosphere of Christian love, care and responsibility.”

Again, I warmly welcome you to our community. I and the staff look forward to assisting you further.

Kind regards,

Shana Bennett


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