Our Lady of the Visitation School

Our Lady of the Visitation School is a Co-Educational R-7 facility with an enrolment of approximately 470 students, divided into 18 classes. The parish school draws from a wide cross section of the community attracting enrolments from Largs Bay, Largs North, Taperoo, Osborne and North Haven. Generally speaking, children attending the school have progressed through the Pre School which forms an integral part of the school/parish community.

Our Lady of the Visitation is a Catholic school community which believes in preparing children for life by developing the whole person. This means that education is concerned about intellectual, moral, social, spiritual, religious, creative and physical dimensions.

The educational programmes provided seek to prepare children for life by giving Christian witness in today's world, enabling children to develop a deeper understanding of the values and traditions of the Catholic Church so as to participate more fully in the mission of the Kingdom. School curriculum also encourages children to have a respect for all of creation and a sense of responsibility for care of the environment.

In order that children may take their place in today's world, an essential process in their education is the development of an open and critical attitude to the world of today, so that in the search for truth they may be able to choose wisely and challenge false values.
The whole process of educating children for life depends on the quality of the community life and environment and the working together of parents, teachers, children and parishioners.

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