St Bernadette's School

St Bernadette's School in St Marys (Adelaide) is a Catholic Parish School and was founded by the Dominican Sisters in 1952.  Our school is a caring, creative and co-operative community working in close partnership with families. Together we work to

  • Create a safe and happy learning environment
  • Nurture confident life long learners
  • Support each child to discover and develop their gifts fully
  • Invite children to explore the Catholic faith and tradition and their own spirituality

St. Bernadette's school values a love for learning and the personal growth of each individual. It is a place where all students are involved in quality teaching and learning programs which provide opportunities for each child to reach their potential. Staff recognise, value, and celebrate the unique talents and differences of each child, and plan creative and inclusive programs which meet the needs of the children.

Quality Catholic education is a result of a shared understanding of our faith, which values and develops life-giving relationships, and actively encourages the development of our school as a learning community.

The journey of choosing the right school community for your child[ren] is an exciting yet daunting adventure and one that requires time for exploring, questioning and reflecting.

To support you in this journey you are invited to browse through our website and to explore our school community.

We also invite you to contact us for an enrolment tour so that you can experience our Dominican learning culture and gain an understanding of what it means to belong to our vibrant and engaging community. 

(The donations amount includes money raised in 2017).

Our School's Fundraising:

Donations $455