Saint John the Baptist Catholic School

Saint John the Baptist Catholic School was originally run as two independent schools under the auspices of the Sisters of Saint Joseph - one school situated at Keswick, then later transferred to the present site at Kurralta Park, known as Saint Joseph’s. The other was at Plympton (for many years known as St. John’s, Mornington). Later the Junior Classes - Reception to Year 3 were placed at Kurralta Park and Years 4 to 7 were at Plympton with each section having its own Principal.

In the early 1970s we became part of the South West Region and in 1987 the name of the school was changed to Plympton Parish School, with one Principal responsible for the administration of both campuses.

In 1989 we received a Commonwealth Government Grant to assist us to build a new school and move on to one Campus situated at Plympton. The school was built in 1990 with classes commencing at Plympton on 4th February 1991.

It was on 1st January that same year that our school was officially known as “Saint John the Baptist Catholic School”.

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