St Joseph's School

Our Community

We are a vital part of the Hectorville Catholic Community.

The school has served the community since 1870 and prides itself on welcoming and supporting each family. St Joseph’s is an integral part of Hectorville Catholic Community offering faith and education and supporting the well being of each person. The involvement of parents and grandparents is highly valued and we appreciate the many ways they help out.

The school was founded in 1863 and in 1870 was placed in the care of the Sisters of St Joseph. St Joseph's, one of the oldest schools in South Australia, is closely linked to the history of the Catholic Church and the local district. The school was established and has been maintained by those who have followed the inspiration and leadership provided by Blessed Mary MacKillop.

Student Focus

St Joseph’s approach is entirely student-focussed.  We understand that each child has unique talents and gifts that need nurturing and support.

Our teachers are experienced in educating the whole child and fostering every student’s personal development. In addition to St Joseph’s commitment to academic excellence, the school is devoted to recognising the importance of teaching the Catholic faith through the values of respect, inclusion, service to others, responsibility and integrity.

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Our School's Fundraising:

Donations $1,720