St Joseph's School

Our school acknowledges the dignity and uniqueness of each student and aims to provide opportunities for all-round development - intellectual, social, cultural, spiritual, moral and physical.

As a Catholic School, we educate young people for participation in the Church and world communities today, in partnership with parents, in union with Christ's saving mission and school communities. We do this through the Spirit and Tradition of St Joseph and Mary MacKillop

Our school is committed to the pursuit of excellence in all areas of school life. Our school was established as a Christian Community where the Gospel values are both encouraged and practised. This spirit is taken beyond the classroom into the wider community through our Christian Service Programs.

All students are challenged to the full Christian commitment and are actively engaged in Religious Education programs throughout their entire school life. St Joseph's School also recognizes the critical role of parents in the religious development of all children. There is an absolute need for home and school to work together in setting the example of Christian Living, worship and regular prayer.

Our School's Fundraising:

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