St Mark's College

At St Mark's College we commit our energies to forming young men and women of faith into good citizens. Our students will be enriched by their learning and will make a positive difference to their community.

St Mark’s is a College striving to help students develop an understanding of the world, their community and their role in it. We provide the opportunity for students to engage and to realise their dreams. We join their adventure in the journey of discovery, growth and knowledge.

We are strongly committed to providing:

Quality teaching and learning in a faith-based environment
Academic, spiritual, emotional, social and physical development
A broad curriculum and co-curricular options
Well resourced and equipped classrooms with full ICT integration
Pastoral care – real care that makes a difference

We are a Catholic school that is

Welcoming, inclusive and family-oriented community
A place that develops life-long skills and a love of learning
A place that has strong links with parish and community
An excellent example of quality co-education for young people
Actively seeking to foster best practice in education through ongoing professional development.




Our School's Fundraising:

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