St Martin's Catholic Primary School

Our vision

Our school community is built on the four pillars of OLSH education.

  • We are heart people who are faith-filled
  • We believe in God's personal love for us. This gives us meaning and purpose in our lives and enables us to help others find meaning in their lives too.
  • We are heart people who reverence relationships
  • We believe in the dignity of every human person. Our OLSH family is both local and international and we make an effort to build and support community.

We are heart people who pursue excellence

We believe in Jesus' words...

"I have come that you may have life and have it to the full" (John 10:10).

We pursue excellence in everything we do.

We are heart people who touch the hearts of others

We believe in our call to be united with the mission of Jesus. Together we seek to build the Kingdom of:

  • truth and life
  • holiness and grace
  • love and peace

Our tradition of service and outreach and our option for the poor are vital aspects of our OLSH identity.

Fundraising for Catholic Charities: 

The school generously raises money for Catholic Charities via various fundraising events including Dress Up days - Pyjama Days and Casual Clothes Days! See photos below!

(The donations total includes money raised since 2015).

Our School's Fundraising:

Donations $4,220