St. Thomas School and Preschool

St. Thomas School and Preschool, in partnership with parents and the contemporary Church, educate children in Faith, within a nurturing Family environment, as we prepare them to contribute to the world now and into the Future.

At St Thomas School and Pre-School we strive:

  • To be a ‘faith filled’ community where we value the unique presence of God in all people.
  • To acknowledge and support parents in their role as faith formers of their children.
  • To educate in faith through the provision of a contemporary religious education curriculum that promotes the development of Christian values and Catholic traditions.
  • To celebrate our faith as part of the community of the Holy Cross Parish.

Skipathon fundraiser for Catholic Charities  
As part of their social justice program, students from St Thomas School Goodwood participated in a fundraising event on November 7 to raise money for Catholic Charities and the agencies it supports.
The idea for a 'Skipathon' came from the Justice and Ministry Group or ‘Jam’ which is made up of Students from classes that include early, primary and middle years classes.
A liturgy started the event that involved 14 classes and ran for nearly the entire day.  

The school’s 360 students took part with 60 to 70 skipping at a time for up to 40 minutes. They were all wearing their me4u button badges and were able to demonstrate some fantastic skipping techniques including, the ‘Double-Dutch’ and ‘Long rope skipping’.

The pupil and teachers who took part raised $2,853.55 for Catholic Charities. What a fantastic result!

(The donations amount includes money raised since 2017).

Our School's Fundraising:

Donations $20,269